Personal Growth, Motivation, and Now Life Coach

Today is my beginning.  Although only in the format of an official business. I have been on a 20-year learning experience that has ultimately led to the opening of Grounded and Growing through my own personal growth and motivation to help my patients on a deeper level.

Helping others has always been in my nature….so to college I go, choosing a career in physical therapy.  Now adding life coach to that resume I had no idea this would lead to where I am today.

Life is crazy, stressful, and a lot to deal with sometimes.  People coming in with pain every day, and as soon as that treatment door is closed they and have the freedom to relax and talk, many times they laugh telling me, “I should be paying you for 2 therapies!”  Sometimes I would feel helpless and all I could do was be a good listener.  Other times I had a tiny bit of “wisdom” to share.  Overall, I generally always wanted to be able to offer something more.  I began to see I had an opportunity on another level to help those who were hurting and I felt it would be a wasted God-given opportunity if people didn’t see that open door.  So, I kept searching too.

Over a year ago, an unusual situation fell into my lap and I began to have “that itchy feeling” wondering if therapy was all I was supposed to with my life.  One thing quickly led to another and I found myself immersed in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  NLP is incredible and completely fascinating!  We have control over our thoughts, limiting beliefs, emotions and so much more!!  We tend to hold ourselves back and are led to believe that this is just the way it’s going to be.  Nothing can change it.  Actually, could be further from the truth, and believe it or not, it’s as difficult as you think it should be! Promise!  You just have to have the tools to know how, and that’s where I come in.

I look forward to the people I will be meeting and to hear their stories.  More importantly, their successes!  While I still continue to practice physical therapy, I now also have the opportunity to help those who are seeking more.  To have the ability to get a hold of their thoughts, emotions, and taking back control of their life no longer feeling stuck.

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