Define Feelings And Different Emotions

There are so many things I envisioned happening in my life but writing for all the world to see was NOT on that list. I think I’ve already had to click the red line under 3 words already.  (Insert laugh from my mother here, while the rest of you look back to see what I could have possibly spelled wrong)  But I think, with your forgiveness, I still have the ability to get my thoughts across to you who are seeking.

Seeking….seeking what?  What are or aren’t we seeking right now?  In an ever-changing world hour by hour when I say the word COVID-19 what does that do to you?  We have so many emotions and thoughts. Does it make your blood boil? And for what reasons does it boil? Does that cause heightened anxiety, fear of death, anger, disappointment, sadness? Are you even able to define the feelings you have?

People are asking questions right now with many different emotions, and I DO believe this is a very good thing.  We need to be asking ourselves what is it that is getting to us when we see that “word” and why.  It’s just a word, but it packs a big punch right now.  What emotions and feelings come?  Are you able to control your thoughts or do they run away with all of your mental space, letting every emotion rule over your actions?  Part of this is natural and unavoidable and healthy, but if you find it is causing an increased fear or anxiety or anger, it’s time to ask more questions.  If you are trying, congratulations!  Even trying to take control is a big deal.  However, if you just can’t get there and you find yourself running the same thoughts over and over again, or if you are just tired of this taking over your life, please know it doesn’t have to be like this for you. With the tools of NLP we work with these thought patterns and seek (there’s that word again) what state of mind you’d like to be in right now.  Keep asking questions.

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