Do you see what you think you see? Can you solve the problem?

A few weeks ago I put this out on my social media after I myself observed the situation firsthand. What do YOU think is going on? Take a minute to look at it from all angles.

A man pulls into a gas station just off of a very busy road. Cars are nose to tail at this station. This man wedges his car between 2 others in an awkward position fitting only the back of his car between 2 others. His car is now nearly perpendicular to the cars on either side of him. Here is where I enter the situation.

People were yelling so loudly that as I am entering the parking lot in my vehicle with windows closed the SOUND is what got my attention even before the sight of his poorly parked car. Several individuals are screaming and hollering. Particularity the two he parked between.

As I watch him, he shuffles out and begins to holler back then all the while fiddling with the pump to fill his tank never moving his car.

Tell me, from reading this what do you see? Read it one more time before you answer yourself.

Now maybe to most this wasn’t obvious. My years in the medical field maybe gave me a slight advantage here.

One person replied to my post stating that maybe the man was just an angry jerk. But as an observer, it was very clear to me that this man had dementia.

The way he chose to park his car, the way he shuffled to and fiddled with the pump. The way he hollered back, to me, was clear he was embarrassed that he was struggling and the loud anger was his cover-up.

Do you think things would have changed if they knew? It’s hard to say. I think we can certainly identify that everyone’s emotions are running especially thin right now.

So what’s the point?


Practice seeing the world around you from this angle then that. Make it your own personal game. See if you can solve the mysteries of people around you and watch how this changes your view.

You won’t be sorry. I’d love to hear your stories.

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