Life Purpose Coaching for Current & Former Law Enforcement

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Pursue your potential and rediscover your purpose.

Have you ever asked yourself what comes next? Most of us do. As an officer, this is a tough question to ask because you’ve just given all you have and this IS your identity.


You serve a purpose far greater than most realize and sacrifice more than the world really understands. So what comes next when this job is done? What happens if it’s over sooner than you expected?


I am here to help both current and former officers find purpose outside of law enforcement.


My name is Ashley Kuhnau. My husband continues to serve as we raise 5 kids and I see the depth of your sacrifice. It is my privilege and purpose to help officers and others find purpose in their lives.


Understanding that you serve more than just one purpose will keep you motivated in law enforcement as well.  We all get lost, stuck, and frustrated, but the great news is you can find a way forward, happiness and purpose inside of yourself. I can help you.


During our time we also have the privilege of utilizing incredible tools like Brainspotting and NLP to overcome any obstacles that make purpose seem cloudy and a way forward seem impossible.


I highly recommend completing this program at least twice in your career. Once after you have served 10-15 years and again around 2 years before you retire.


This not only benefits you to keep your focus and motivation in your current career, but the content we cover will keep your family strong, your marriage healthy, your goals in front of you and your retirement full of enjoyment and purpose!

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Please reach out to me with any questions and for more information. I'm based out of Alexandria, MN but provide services to clients all over regardless of location.