Digestion Challenges & Conditions

These are some of the most common challenges many suffer with.


Crohn's Disease

Celiac Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Ulcerative Colitis

Anxiety With Travel

"It feels like the pain will never go away."

The digestive tract is made up of smooth muscle tissue and its job is to contract and hold.  Unconsciously.  A muscle is a muscle no matter where it is located in your body and all muscles are controlled by your command center.  The brain! 

Here is another fun fact, muscle holds memory. Your body sends you distress signals letting you know that something is wrong so that you can react appropriately. Some of the time that means finding a bathroom or struggling with intense stomach pain or even ulcers. Over time this repetitive action creates a new reaction and memory in the muscle tissue of the digestive tract.  Muscle also has the ability to anticipate and create the feeling all on it’s own. It’s one of our natural defense mechanisms and is quite fascinating. 

See my page on why I have pain in my body for a better understanding of the definition of pain and why your brain can create pain as a defense.

In this particular case, the defense can be wanting not to suffer embarrassment so you are hypervigilant to any possible feeling in your gut. This can actually fire everything up. Or, you struggle with intense stress in your life and now struggle with an over abundance of stomach acid causing problems of a new nature like heart burn or ulcers.  On my pain page you will learn how even the potential fear of what might come sends a distress signal to the body.  

Now, with proper diet and even medication, all of the conditions above can be treated or controlled but oddly enough the brain still has the ability to push through and trigger your symptoms. The trauma, if you will, around gut issues most often holds some very deep roots. Your body has developed triggers and defense mechanisms that it will use to get your attention.  Alert you to your surroundings. 

I am here to promise you can overcome this! By tapping into the emotion center (limbic system) of the brain through NLP techniques and brainspotting we are able to communicate with the emotion (most often potential fear) behind your distress.  This allows the body’s nervous system to calm down and not be on alert at all times thus calming the urgency or pain that you can have day after day. 

Doesn’t this sound like a dream?  I’m here to help make your dream a reality.

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