There is no one-size-fits-all approach to living your best life and achieving your dreams.

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"Cleaning House" Package

This package is a gift to clients who have done the work and fully grasp the value of the time they put in.  Keeping yourself in a strong state of mind isn’t always permanent.  Life happens and old habits can creep back in when left unaddressed.  This packaged is 3 sessions for $240 ($80 each).  You will schedule your 3 sessions at the time of purchase and they can be held at any 3 points in the year you see a need.  Scheduling them at the time of purchase brings some accountability and a plan to stay on top of your progress.   To “clean house” in your brain allows you to deal with all of the new situations you may encounter with family or work or life preventing the overwhelm that can come when not addressed.