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Help For Parents

Personalized help for the whole family. Tools like my Life Purpose Coaching program, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Brainspotting help parents regain some sanity and families form stronger bonds. 

I have had the privilege of bringing 5 awesome children into this world.

The relationships with them in the day-to-day is an amazing adventure but is also taxing at times.


As a mother, I see them as children growing up in a very different world than I did. Constant pressures and the addition of social media can challenge their lives.


We have to be intentional and careful as parents. There continues to be new studies showing staggering statistics as to the mental health and general unhappiness along with the lack of confidence many of our children face.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is something that every child should know and understand. As a parent, or even grandparent, you should too.


While children continue to grow and society continues to change, this could be a tool so important that it can be a turning point to their success.

Find direction with

Repetitive Behaviors

Power Struggles




Parenting With Posture

Finding confidence in yourself as you shape the artful approach to being persistent with parenting.
Whether you don’t know what to do anymore or you just want to keep growing as a parent, a closer evaluation of your current parenting styles can offer insight into the direction you seek and the goals you have for your family.  
This program is most effective when you are parenting children 12 and younger, however, never give up!  At any age and all ages they still need you. Even grown children with children of their own. Everyone who is a parent will get something out of our time together. 

We will cover

  • How you have became the parent you are today
  • Who are the influencers in your parenting style
  • What are your goals for your children
  • In what areas are you feeling stuck
  • What are the values you hold and what is their place in your life and your children’s lives
You will also receive ongoing support after you complete the program.
Parenting with Posture is a recommended 4 sessions at $75 each and there is no limit as to how many sessions you need.