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Personalized help for the whole family. Tools like my Life Purpose Coaching program, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Brainspotting help parents regain some sanity and families form stronger bonds. 

I have had the privilege of bringing 5 awesome children into this world.

The relationships with them in the day-to-day is an amazing adventure but is also taxing at times.


As a mother, I see them as children growing up in a very different world than I did. Constant pressures and the addition of social media can challenge their lives.

The relationships with them in the day-to-day is an amazing adventure but is also very taxing at times and a huge physical challenge. What do I mean by that? Well, the highs are higher and the lows are lower. When you are under the day-to-day stress of parenting littles to teens to adult children, this can, and yes will, take a physical toll on your body. 


Migraines, anxiety, back pain, upset stomach, and you will feel any increase in any symptom or pain you personally experience. Why? Because your body is trying to send you a signal! Up until now you maybe didn’t even realize your body was sending you signals. I invite you to start paying attention from here on out. When kids are acting up, stop for a minute and notice what you feel in your body.  


We are hardwired to survive. Although we are no longer being chased by wild animals (well, maybe we can call our kids that at times) we still need to navigate and survive daily. When things get hard, your body is trying to tell you it’s too much, and this can come in many emotional or physical forms. It can be as simple as a headache. So what?  Listen!  


If you are experiencing any physical symptoms in the midst of parenting (and if you don’t, please tell me how you do!) listen to what your body is telling you.  This is where I come in.  We are all moving through seasons in our life but if your situation becomes overwhelming, the best thing you can do is put out the fire or, at the very least, keep it a controlled burn. I am here to help you work through all different stages of parenting and help you understand when your body is saying, “something needs to change!”


Trust me when I say your home will thank you for the time you put in here.

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Parenting With Posture

Finding confidence in yourself as you shape the artful approach to being persistent with parenting.

Whether you don’t know what to do anymore or you just want to keep growing as a parent, I will help you take a closer look at your current parenting styles offering insight into the direction you seek and the goals you have for your family.  


The most effective time to walk through this is when you are parenting children 12 and younger, however, never give up!  At any age and all ages they still need you. Even grown children with children of their own still need you. Everyone who is a parent will get something out of our time together.