Brainspotting, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Life Coaching

Life purpose found, life goals achieved.


Grounded & Growing helps individuals, couples, and families get unstuck and live the life they deserve.

Ashley Kuhnau Is A
Certified Life Purpose Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP, and certified Brainspotting Practitioner in Alexandria, MN.

With the tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Brainspotting, I can help you set and achieve any goals you desire to reach. Located in Alexandria, MN but helping clients worldwide, I have seen the transformative nature of these tools and I can’t wait to share them with you.


Brainspotting and Neuro-Linguistic Programming is what makes me different from other life coaches. Equipped with these powerful tools, I am here to help you understand the thought pattern you may be stuck in, or desire, instead of your old habits.


Through Brainspotting we can unlock pain and trauma in the brain and body. You can conquer your fears and feel free.

What I Help With

There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about how an NLP and certified Brainspotting practitioner and Life Coach can help you. If you are experiencing loss of motivation, loss of direction, feeling stuck, unsure of how to move forward, or just looking for specialized guidance you’ve come to the right place.

People often hire an NLP-trained coach because they want someone with the steadfastness required to go to hard places, someone able to explore the challenging emotional reasons that drive behavior.