Relationships & Stress

Are you thinking, “It’s nothing but hopeless challenge and pain!”

Does this sound familiar?



Gut Issues

Elevated Heart Rate



Chronic Pain


Muscle Tension in Back/Shoulders

When we see that list we are reminded about how clear the signals are from our body to our brain letting us know that something isn’t right in your world and something needs to change.  Those listed are just a few reactions/emotions that happen creating a physical reaction in the body when you are under stress from any kind of relationship at work or at home.

I found Ashley after researching Brainspotting. Working with her has been tremendously helpful as I unwind and uncover blocks that have prevented my relationships and my life from the fullness I was seeking. Ashley knew how to guide me and offered wise and compassionate insights which enabled me to keep growing.

- L.M.

Fascia & The Body

Our body has a very intricate and amazing system that runs through, quite literally, every fiber of our being. This is called the fascial system. It consists of a clear, almost web-like system, that is filled with smooth muscle tissue. The properties or “job” of smooth muscle tissue are to contract and hold, and to do this unconsciously. That being said, our bodies are hardwired to survive our surroundings and the fascial system is one of the best alert systems we have. Survival looks different than it once did. We no longer live in a world where we have to scavenger, hunt, and run from threats, but our bodies still give us some of the very same signals we need should we anticipate or retreat from “danger”.  The difference is that we don’t recognize the danger in the same way anymore because it’s just part of life so we often ignore the signals.

How do you feel after you watch the news or scroll on social media? Stressed, irritated, rise in blood pressure, sick to your stomach? Signals right? Your body is trying to get you to retreat from the negative or threatening things you are seeing.  Your fascial system can begin to contract when under stress, causing a signal or pain. Because this system is within every fiber of our being, it can affect any part of our body and the list above are some of the major signals it sends. When this becomes part of your world whether in marriage, parenting, your extended family, or your job, your body is trying to send you a distress signal to get your attention. 

Oftentimes people resort to distractions to get the signals to stop like the phone, medication, or even drugs and alcohol to just tune it out and try and ignore that it’s there. This only creates a problem of its own because the pain isn’t going away until the situation is resolved. It just begins to adapt to your coping strategies which pushes your pain signal harder. In time this can cause the need for more distraction, medication, or harder use of alcohol, etc. This slippery slope then lands you in a deeper issue with addiction and depression.  


Listen to your body! I am here to tell you that this does NOT have to be your world. There are extremely effective tools to help you.  “But the cost,” you may say. Yes, they do.  Unfortunately, we live under a broken insurance system that pays to patch the problem instead of preventing the problem. So, this falls on us until someday I pray this can change. When you think of the cost of the alcohol, or prescriptions, or doctor’s bills it all adds up. If not now, down the road this WILL catch up with you. If you are living in a world of chronic pain or poor relationships, and you want to be better, you have a choice to make.  When you are tired, truly tired of the day-to-day, this will be an easy decision for you. I’ll wait for you until you’re ready.


Ashley offers wise and compassionate insights.
Ashley just changed the whole trajectory of my whole life.
Something has changed, I feel so much more at peace.

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