Do your past emotions and thoughts creep in on you?

Have you ever felt like you had your past mistakes behind you and in control and out of nowhere, BAM!! All of those emotions and thoughts come back in like a sledgehammer.

But did it really?

Were there any warning signs?

Was it creeping in?

Maybe you were just too busy to notice or you choose to look the other way and not be aware, but that “feeling” was still there.  Creeping.  Now, it’s done, the action was taken, the word was spoken, and then the feeling of despair.  Your weakness has been exposed and you have to start all over again.


Getting people to see the person you want them to see.  The one you’ve grown to be.  NOT the one they see in your moment of weakness.

But how?  Where do you start?  How do you start over?


Acknowledge the past and that weakness and mistake. You’ve grown from that.  You’ve learned what is emotion and you have changed. You know how painful sweeping that under the rug can be.  Let’s not forget that you are older now too.  You don’t have that kind of time anymore to change life situations.  You are now vested, committed, and can’t run away.


Find the positive intention behind the action you took.  Was it out of love, honor, respect, caring?  Be truthful with how that feeling catapulted you back into your current reality.


So, now, you’ve decided to take that step….and it happens.

Grace, even forgiveness and explanation, and rather quickly this time!  Almost as fast as the spin you just took going back down with those past emotions.

But maybe not as far down this time.

You see, you’re aware now.

You HAVE grown.

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