Parenting with Posture

Are you looking for the courage to stand tall in this crazy world of parenting?

There is stuff happening all over the place right now. Families asking a lot of important questions.

So, here we go… Critical Race Theory.

Ouch. This one goes against every fiber of my being.

This takes courage for me to write because I am not na├»ve to understand it can come with backlash. I’ve been doing my own personal work the last several months to develop my own backbone so that I can write without fear, finding the posture that I myself need.

The emotion around this issue is so charged.

So as parents, what do we do?

My husband and I raise our children every single day to see EVERY SINGLE human being as a creation of God. I’ve told my kids I don’t care if they are black, white, neon pink, or polka-dotted, they are all human beings.

In my office, I talk often about perspective when I coach individuals and I do the same when I parent. Whenever someone feels stuck I ask them to see it in a new way.

As an example, I want you to try this experiment with me.

Sit back and close your eyes, I want you to flip a magic switch in your mind’s eye and turn the whole world black and white right now.

No color.

Now, do this, find another sliding switch that brings everything to the same shade of black and white.

Tell me what you see?

I see a mother and her child, a loving couple on a bench, teenagers running up and down the basketball court. Just people.

It’s so important that we don’t lose sight of that.

I know that the issue of race has been an issue for thousands of years and it’s not going anywhere as long as we live in this sinful broken world. There will always be those who choose to see things their own way.

But if you’re reading this you understand you have a choice. So, I would encourage you, as parents, to help these little ones to see the person that stands before them. See their hurt, pain, happiness, and love.

Not their color or race.

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