Teaching Kids To See

Where do you begin when it comes to teaching kids to see things? The list really is endless but today I want to share a fun little tip that is a very easy way to help your kids understand how to see others and to learn from that as well.
It’s almost become an observation “game” in our family. Any time we are out and about in the community I am talking my kids through what they see.
For example:  The drive through.
After our order was taken I often will say to the kids, “He sounded very polite today didn’t he?” And yes, there have been other times that the kids have immediately noticed a tone of voice over the speaker.
It would be so easy to slip into, “Oh great, crank pot on the other end won’t get our order right! He really sounds like he’s in a mood!”
Instead, after years of coaching my kids through seeing others, I hear my 7 year-old pipe up in the back seat and say, “Boy mom, he really sounds like he’s busy and I bet that makes him stressed out!” To hear the empathy she had was a home run for me.
We play this “game” no matter where we are. They are the best teaching moments.
It helps your kids understand to observe their surroundings. It teaches them to see the emotions of other people. It teaches them empathy or caution as they learn to read a situation. It gives you a topic of conversation as you ask them.
“What would you have said or done and why?”
Or, “How could that lady have said that differently to that person so that they were able to help each other better instead of get so mad?”
Whatever the situation is, if you have children of any age that are living at home I’d like you to try this with them. At times you may even surprise yourself with how they react and how you react as well when you have to stop and think it through.
I’d love to hear your stories!

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